Is the Bible the “Word of God?”

Christian Zodiacs

The Zodiac represents a large region of the night sky which is divided into 12 “houses,” each having its own “sign” and usually presented as a wheel with 12 spokes or compartments. It is integral to an ancient astrotheological system of sun worship predating Christianity. In the past, many Christians understood their religion to be firmly rooted in the former system. Surely, one must be suspicious considering the recurring twelves in the Bible, i.e., the 12 sons of Israel and 12 disciples of Jesus. In the image below, each disciple is paired with a sign of the Zodiac. Moving counterclockwise from the image of the sun, the 12 signs are portrayed in their proper order. In this particular example, the sun at the top is superfluous decoration as is the moon at the bottom. The sun is normally placed at the center, but in this Zodiac, reworked by Christians, Jesus is at the center representing the sun.

Fresco in Svetitskhoveli Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles in Mtskheta, Georgia.
Each of the 12 apostles is associated with an astrological sign.

Later, elaborate “rose windows” appeared. Though often divided into 12 sections, as they evolved, they did not always incorporate the number 12. However, the root of such artwork is obvious. Construction of Notre Dame Cathedral began in 1160. By this time, the number 12 was likely associated with the apostles only, not the divisions of the Zodiac. The pagan origin of the number 12 may have been forgotten or played down by the Church, but the symbolism remains for those with eyes to see.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. The rose window is made up of a small circle surrounded by 12 sections which are further divided forming a total of 24 sections

The practice of incorporating zodiacal-style rose windows made its way to North America.

Modern Zodiacs
Great Upper Church Sanctuary, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC.
Three Zodiacs, each with a cross (representing Jesus) at the center representing the sun.

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The Zodiac can be divided into four seasonal sub-divisions, each containing three signs. Leonardo da Vinci’s, The Last Supper, suspiciously portrays the 12 disciples conversing in four groups of three. Upon closer scrutiny, it appears increasingly likely the apparent zodiacal connection was no accident. There is a strange anomaly in this painting. The disciple sixth from the left appears to be a woman, the only woman in the painting. This character is widely considered to be John. However, notice the soft, pale, beardless skin and long feminine hair. How did John end up appearing as a woman?

The sixth sign moving counterclockwise from the top of the Zodiac is a woman. Her name is Virgo which is the etymological root of the word virgin. Evidently, staying true to pagan origins was more important to da Vinci than biblical accuracy.


The Old Testament is all about Israel. The New Testament is all about Jesus. Just as Jacob (Israel) represented the sun and his 12 sons (the 12 tribes of Israel) represented the stars in the Old Testament, Jesus and his 12 disciples represent the sun and stars in the New Testament. The Bible’s “star” characters are based on the 12 astrological divisions of the Zodiac with the sun as its centerpiece. Consequently, it’s highly doubtful any of them ever existed as real human beings. Put another way, the stories of the 12 tribes of Israel and Jesus and his 12 disciples are quite possibly total frauds rooted in the very paganism modern Christianity denounces.